NO STRESS Home Schooling Mom!

We are back to homeschooling, since Melbourne is in lockdown again!!
But, I’ve learned from out last stint that STRESS of teaching and EXPECTATIONS of how he learns are undue pressures that I put on myself as well as him 

So, this time I’m going in with a very chilled out attitude and I would like to share that with other parents out there, in case it helps!

ACCEPT the situation and know what we can and cannot do

Take each day as it comes, learn and teach at your own pace

UNDERSTAND that the way we teach and the way they learn is very different, so prepare to UNLEARN and learn new ways before teaching them

Take BREAKS when needed to do FUN things in between

Most of all, REMEMBER…

This situation is TEMPORARY

These few days of remote learning DO NOT decide their academic future

They are watching and learning more than we think like PATIENCE, EMPATHY and LOVE in the way we teach and behave with them

No matter what, WE WILL BE FINE

Hope this helps! Take it easy on yourself and wish you all the best

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